Thousand Landscapes

Commonland has been actively involved in further building the joint initiative '1000 Landscapes for 1 Billion people' with our partners Conservation International, Rainforest Alliance, EcoAgriculture Partners, TechMatters, UNDP and WWF - Landscape Finance Lab. This initiative aims to enable landscape partnerships around the globe to deliver Holistic or Integrated Landscape Restoration and Management solutions across 1,000 landscapes. The role of the 1,000 Landscapes for 1 Billion People partnership is "building support structures ('infrastructure') to serve and empower landscape partnerships, to ensure they have access to tools, finance and connections. These should help them make a substantial contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals, as well as other global goals and targets for tackling biodiversity loss, land degradation and climate change".

Going through a Theory U-process

As a 1000 Landscapes team, we have been working on understanding each other better through a U-process moderated by the Presencing Institute. We want to turbo-charge new and existing landscape partnerships to better and more cost-effectively manage their activities and generate greater impacts by: • bringing together landscape partners and supporters in the 1,000 Landscapes Action Network: amplifying the voices of landscape partnerships to influence national and international policy processes and raise the visibility of their sustainable landscape solutions. • deploying a digital landscape action platform to greatly improve the efficiency of managing locally-led landscape partnerships and tracking action and investment: a shared infrastructure to greatly improve the efficiency of execution (more, better, faster). Including an integrated toolset for solving their self-identified problems; internal communications tools; links to experts, data and organisations that can support their work; and for knowledge exchange with other landscape partnership. • supporting the capacity-building for landscape leaders, by strengthening existing landscape learning networks and training institutions, linked through and enhancing the effectiveness of the digital platform. We are currently working on the next phase, while we need to agree on a framework and language that fits all. Commonland is represented in all four design teams and is heavily involved in the design and prototyping of Terraso as well as our parallel activities aiming to develop the platform.

We foresee that the parallel development of these two digital platforms will continue in 2021 because they are complementary and potentially mutually reinforcing.