Team Developments

In 2020 we recruited ten new colleagues, while six new colleagues were hired in the last six months. We are very happy with the new additions to the Commonland team:

• Harma Rademaker (Landscape Manager), • Anouk Breukers (Manager HR and Office), • Robin Vos (Impact and Learning Officer), • Nadine de Vogel (Senior Communication Manager), • Juliette Westerink (Junior Project Manager MarCom), • Pieter Ploeg (Design Strategist & Facilitator). From the shortlist of candidates for the position of Director of Development & Communications, one candidate was chosen in agreement with the board. They are reviewing a remuneration proposal.

Next steps management team of Commonland Ltd

As we are re-focusing the overall strategy of Commonland, we have agreed to put new activities of the Commonland Ltd company on hold. Current landscape activities are transferred to the Landscape Development & Support team, while carbon activities continue with the support of partners. Managing directors of the company Michiel de Man and Caroline van Tilborg have left us to pursue a career elsewhere. We are pleased to announce that Caroline will join the HSBC and Pollination Group joint venture to set up a Natural Capital Fund and a Carbon Fund. Michiel has joined Planet in Delft. Planet is a unique scale-up ecosystem focused on industrial biotechnology. We want to thank Michiel, who has been with us from the start, and Caroline, for all the work they have done for Commonland. We will remain in close contact with both of them to work on mutual synergies in the future and organise a farewell party as soon as Corona permits. We wish them all the best and know that our paths will cross again, on our journey towards global landscape restoration and halting the climate crisis.