Middle Scale Landscapes

How does Commonland work in partnership on landscape restoration?

Commonland aims to have 100 million hectares of degraded land under restoration by 2040. To achieve this audacious goal, we see three roles for ourselves:

We see our role as a catalyst for landscape restoration and how we identify new landscapes and partners to work with. As a catalyst of landscape restoration, we work in partnership with others, we support in the design of landscape programmes, including the design of stakeholder engagement processes, and use small amounts of catalytic funding to leverage financial support. There are roughly two ways in which we explore new opportunities to catalyse landscape restoration. We receive requests for collaboration each week from all over the world. We look at each one and explore the best way in which we can help with their need. This is time consuming, and that why we also scout proactively; in such cases, we look globally for high-potential landscapes and partners that we can support who may not have heard of us before. Towards potential landscape partners, we offer the following: • Neutral party with international positioning who can convene and connect local parties and set things in motion; • Pragmatic team with experience in a range of different contexts that can help strategise and reflect challenge or encourage when needed; • Knowledge and network, make connections between local partners and best-practice experts or potential funders worldwide; • The holistic approach of the 4 Returns framework The map below shows an overview of countries with potential new landscape partners to whom we speak. We also look for funding partners who share our values and a commitment to work with our landscape partners and us, towards our goal of restoring 100 million hectares. We believe that only through a true partnership-based approach – between funders, landscape partners and ourselves – will we achieve this goal.

The dark brown countries in this map are countries in which we are currently in touch with potential new landscape partners. Source: amCharts