Landscape Valuation Report

It is beyond question that the world's landscapes and ecosystems are degrading at an unprecedented pace. A long-term and systemic approach to landscape restoration can generate monetary value for multiple stakeholders at the same time. With Commonland, we take action to introduce this approach across the world. How do we go about this? Our Landscape Valuation Report explains our comprehensive method to calculate the value of financial, natural, social and inspirational returns (4 Returns) of landscape restoration and sustainable landscape management. Moreover, to bring our work to life, we have organised a webinar. No less than 200 people attended, in a wide variety of roles in both private and public organisations from all over the world. Want to find out more?

Read our Landscape Valuation Report > Watch the recorded webinar >

Another nice read is the article (in Dutch) that Willem Ferwerda (CEO Commonland) and Dirk Schoenmaker (Professor of Banking & Finance at Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University) wrote in the theme issue "Sustainable Agriculture" of the Economic Statistical Messages (ESB) of the Dutch financial newspaper "Financiële Dagblad." Click here to read.