"It is really time for us all to wake up. Wake up every morning and say what am I going to do today to be part of the regeneration of this planet and all communities?"

– Doniga Markegard

We would like to thank everybody who joined at the Kiss the Ground Movie Night + Q&A session on the 11th of November. It was great to watch the movie with so many people from all over the world simultaneously and experience all the positive energy about large-scale holistic landscape restoration. We would also like to thank our panelists John D. Liu, Doniga Markegard and Kanyon Coyotewoman Sayers-Roods for their inspiring contributions. If you missed the events, you can listen to the audio and video-recordings of the Q&A session in the video below.

Next Event: Online screening of the documentary Head, Heart and Hands + Q&A session with local regenerative practitioners and the film director!

Join us on our next ‘Movie Night’ on December 1st, where we will be streaming the premiere of the beautiful Spanish documentary “Head, Hearts and Hands”. Register for free here and watch the trailer here.

“If we restore degraded landscapes on earth, we return to paradise. If we start to build a regenerated economy, this is the way forward. When we bring back fertile soils, we see biodiversity return, and we get tremendous satisfaction.”

– John D. Liu