4 Returns Labs - The Netherlands


In the landscapes, we work together with the Presencing Institute on creating long term landscape partnerships. In the Netherlands, we have set up a lab called 'For the Harvest of Tomorrow'. Its team has organised a COVID-19 proof summit op 18 September. The aim of the day was to 1) celebrate the journey we have made so far, 2) present the 14 transition experiments that 'Harvesters' have been working on and 3) kickstart region labs. Participants came together at 5 locations in the Netherlands with the potential to become regional labs. Since we were not able to organise a large summit, this was a unique experiment. The tailor-made programme included fixed moments at which locations connected online with one another, and had participants work from home. We learned that in these special times, it is possible to successfully connect people on a national level while hosting a programme in a region.

For tomorrow's harvest' is an innovation lab about the transition of the Dutch agricultural and food system. It is a joint initiative of the Physical Environment Consultative Council and Commonland.